Hey! what a great start to the season. April was productive for flying if you could brave the cold and winds. Strong winds were the dominate feature in the flying so far this season. Get your kiting game on for clean launches!

The weather has featured some great winds for us to experience wave wind flying. Already this season the wave has worked it’s Whitwell magic. I am hopeful that this season will bring many smooth sessions. These early season April waves and wind soaring sessions have been epic. Some straight up launches intimidate and kept a few a bay. Let’s all promise ourselves to get current with kiting, SIV and some coaching to help us be ready to play in the game. Seek out your mentor and training to improve your game.

This past weekend maintained the April windy attitude, yet a few managed to fly. While mostly localized efforts due to the conditions the air was big and boiling midday with winds, making everything exciting.

May already promises more favorable weather conditions with this next weekend indicating awesome temps and winds favorable for thermaling xc fun. Currently we are under the SW flow (next 4days) which makes launching too challenging for all save a few desperate souls. We will update with photos. See you soon!


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