The spring weather has been strong and challenging, but today yielded some fine flying. A few flew from Whitwell to Henson Gap under SW winds. Launching whitwell in a thermal cycle and escaping the over the back rotor by climbing up into the sky and allowing the flow to push you out into the middle of the valley rewarded you with magic lift bubble lines flowing north along the mid valley hills. Fantastic flying. I should have gone further…Later the day produced some fine flying with SW launches happening at Henson Gap. Only 1 climbed up on the 4pm lift out and after that the day was over. Sledders happened for the few who challenged the sw flow. Lite as it was it still produced enough texture to make it “spicy” It is after all spring and the fun must be tempered with bump tolerance conditioning. Slowly the new wing feels better and better as i dial in the weight and ballast and I get more sky time understanding the behavior. No doubt the ozone team makes the finest xc wings. Alpina3 makes my day. Smiles for miles and glide like butter. Might be a few days before we fly again. I know we are all already anxious for the weather to lift us up and away from the earthly worries and chaos. Tomorrow is an important day in the world and we should all salute the history of the greatness of the human race. Stay positive and focused on the good. Life is worth every second you get to experience.

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