Author: davehanning

February Flying is Happening.

Flying in February has happened between the frequent rains. As the fronts pass we get the cold north winds for soaring at Henson Gap with thermics from the warm valley below. Whitwell is east facing and like the NE flow thru SE best. We think President’s Day will bring us warm heat rising for some nice sky sailing.

May 4/5 weekend

Wet weather arrives on Friday after noon. Saturday is soaking wet. SUNDAY looks to be epic with Post Frontal NW conditions and Monday looks L&V! Going to be some good flying once this wet front passes us by. COME FLYING!,-85.388,8,m:eD6adMP

April 17th, 2019

South winds dominate our existing prefrontal weather pattern. High winds above us and the northern cold front colliding with the southern moisture is progressively moving our direction with indications of passing Thursday night/Saturday AM. Post frontal conditions for the weekend suggest West winds and flyable skies.

Feb 1st Forecast!

Friday, today is a bit of a bust with cool temps dropping away in place of warmer air. Southern winds from the SW will bring in early spring like conditions for the weekend.

Saturday Feb 2 has SE winds predicted with a lite flow and warm temps high @ 50’s! Whitwell is the place to be and we will be there early for training with students. We expect some good afternoon themals for winter time. BBQ activity @ Henson Gap for the sunset session.

Sunday has indications of continued southern flow and lite with warm temps.

It looks like good flying as long as the winds stay in our favor. See you all soon!

01.29.2019 Polar Vortex

Surface winds suggest just a bit much speed for flying and cold. So Maybe at the end of the day when the winds reduce in speed some we will see flyable wind speeds.

Tomorrow looks colder and liter winds, but still forecasted to be soarable. We see.

01-27-2019 forecast

Ground winds are set to switch around from the SW in the early dawn to W thru the day and NW to finish. Speeds lite & are appropriate for flying on the surface. The upper level winds look mello and aligned with surface winds. with the clear sky start, clouds building and moving this way we might get some thermals again, but only if the upper cloud cover is thin and broken. Lift indications match yesterday in altitude, but suggest more cloud cover and shorter window of lift. 2pm seems to be the highest strongest thermic hour. I am expecting good flying from 10am on. Hope to see everyone out here and in the sky!

Saturday Jan 26th

West winds dominate Saturday starting strong and lightening up by the evening. Surface winds show 7mph midday. It will be soarable for those with the intermediate launch and flying skills @justflysvs Henson Gap.

Sunday Looks SW, which means not flyable here in the Sequatchie Valley unless your advanced and it is thermic, which it is not really as it is cold. With that in mind, midday is when it is best for thermaling and the last few days have produced some great flying for winter months here in TN.

Winter Chill!

Monday looks like it will be soarable at Whitwell, if your up for the super cold. Dress for success and plan for midday warmth of 35 degrees, maybe…We will be thinking about flying if its good to go. Join us? Let us know. Messages on WHATSAPP as needed.

Dec 16 and 17th Looking good! NW!

current weather forecasts show NW winds for Sunday and Monday. Looking like post frontal will give an offering. For now I am just keeping an eye on it.

Dec 14th. Rain?

They forecast rain today but the winds are ENE…would it be good soaring, again, today?