David Hanning

Pilot / Educator / Athlete

Enabling people to be pilots thru education, fun & adventure.

International Guided Paragliding Tours

  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Russia

Paragliding Courses

  • SOLO Pilot Certification Courses.
    1. Basic
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced
  • Tandem & Instructor Clinics.
  • Thermaling
  • XC – Cross Country
  • Ground Handling Training
Helping You Achieve Success

Get connected to Quality Instruction & Guiding

I draw from my experiences w/ Travel, Guiding, Coaching, Cross Country, thermal, soaring  dynamic decision making, adventure,.. training.

20 years of flying paragliders with a cross country focus, I have chased clouds going for distance and focused on the dicipline of racing all to be better at connecting to the weather that enables flying.

Paragliding Instruction & Certification

Instructor & Tandem Certification

Guided Adventures

International Tours

Tandem Flights

Weather Analysis

Competition & Event Management

Paragliding Instruction

Custom courses, coaching and guided experiences

Instructor & Tandem Certification

Professional Pilot certification & licensing from multiple organizations.

Guided Tours

Vol Bivy adventures, volcano hike n fly, foreign flying travel

Tandem Flights

Paragliding flights in tandem with a passenger in front of the pilot



Flying Camp, (www.flying.camp )


  • Cloud 9, Utah – Paragliding Instruction & Tandem Pilot 06′ – 12′
  • Sun Valley Paragliding & Ketchum Kites, Owner – paragliding & Kiting equipment sales & instruction
  • Nicros Climbing Wall Construction, Handhold design & production


  • University of Minnesota. BA.  1992
  • Avalanche level III Certification – NAC, 2001
  • AMGA Guide Certification – 1993
  • Leave No Trace – 1993
  • USHPA #75076 –Instructor & Tandem /Administrator 2000-2020
  • ASC – Advanced Flight Instructor/Administrator & Tandem Pilot
  • AUA Flight Instructor & Tandem Pilot
  • FEDEVIP – Venezuelan Paragliding Federation 
  • Red Cross -First Aid / CPR – 1985 to current
  • EMT – Basic – Not Current


  • English 1st Language
  • Spanish 2nd (proficient)

@ Me

From the beginning my Grandmother said I was going to be a teacher of the things I am passionate about. And it was true; canoeing, camping, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, paragliding…

At my core is the belief that we are obligated to share what we know so that we can enable those who come after us to be better equiped and prepared, safer and more capable, taking our sport further then we can imagine at this point in it’s existance.

At 50 I have gathered extensive experiences chasing dreams of adventure around the world. I am raising a family and sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested in gaining insight at becoming better at their sport. While flying is my focus I seek at helping you reach your potential

I am old school and my word is my bond. I’d rather cut to the chase and I will always call it as I see it, like every great umpire. I am a surviver and I will always go the distance.

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