Early Payment bonus = inclusion in Paragliding Wide Open…win your money back!


Pay Now!


September 1 – 7th, 2019

Location: Whitwell, TN

Includes, Comp T-shirt, Schwagg bag, retrieve and comp shuttle, event “all access” pass to parties & food, JUSTFLY-SVS Flight Park annual pass ($100 value).


Registered Hurricane  Open pilots who pay before August 1st, 2019 will automatically entered into the Tennessee Wide Open – https://www.flying.camp/paragliding-wide-open/

Win back your entry fee $$ by racking up points by sharing track logs @ https://www.xcontest.org/usa/

You send it. You record and report it. 30 days to do your best from anywhere within Tennessee.
The ARENA for this meet will be the state of Tennessee from where ever you think you can fly the furthest.

Scoring will be your best 4 scores in XContest.org (make sure you understand how XContest works, you get a bonus for a flat triangle, and an even bigger bonus for an FAI triangle). Register for the USA National 2018 Xcontest. your score will be your 4 best scores from a launch in the wide-Open area on XContest during the dates of September 1 – September 30.

What your $100 entry gets you:
A crack at the cash prize and many great efforts at beating your best flight.
Race Categories & Prizes:
     Open Class EN D/CCC/Open & XC Class EN C,
          1st place Open Class 20% of entry fees
          2nd place Open Class 10% of entry fees
     Sport Class EN A & B
          1st place Sports Class 20% of entry fees
          2nd place Sports Class 10% of entry fees
     Highest score of the contest (ie; biggest flight)
              20% of entry fees
     Raffle to one entrant, its better to be lucky than good
          10% of entry fees