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ENIGMA – Dictionary definition: “A type of riddle generally expressed in language that requires ingenuity and careful thinking for its solution”

Ingenuity and careful thinking that’s what was applied to achieve the final outcome (not to mention experience, deep knowledge, devotion and persistence in sticking to the goal).

We strongly believe for us to launch a competition wing we had to make sure we offered a package which is better than what you had so far, or not launch at all. Quite a few prototypes were discarded and we had to return to square one, time after time to create the ENIGMA.

ENIGMA – unlocking the secret…
We understand that modern competition glider is all about performance. We are also fully aware that performance should be manageable.
While looking for top performance we made sure that safety of this wing, its handling and launch are on a par with pilot’s abilities.
ENIGMA is a unique blend of performance and safety, offering a winning combination. You can use full range of speed bar without fear of collapse.

ENIGMA recovery characteristics are close to what you would recognize as typical for EN D wing. ENIGMA inspires confidence and is a wing you can trust – leaving you to concentrate on flying.

The secret is in safe performance you can handle

  • Designed for performance you can handle
  • Designed for performance above all
  • Designed for speed: 24 – 75+ km/h of useable speed range with safety margin for your peace of mind
  • Designed to thermal, outclimbing the rest-a job as easy as bragging to your friends!
  • Designed for flat and fast glide (best L/D at 58 km./h)
  • Designed to keep canopy pressure even at top speed –(HIT valve® aided)
  • Designed to launch in a way you forget that it is a comp wing)
  • True Two liner for maximum drag saving
  • Bullet risers® – APCO unique drag buster
  • HIT valve (for industry widest usable safe speed range)
  • Ball shaped handle on B riser for steering on speed bar – special golf ball shape for drag optimization and minimalizing the risk of line entanglement
  • Big Ears facility – probably the only 2 liner with stable Big Ear facility
  • Lightweight (only 6.9 kg. for Enigma 25)

Now it’s up to you to judge the results, solving the Enigma…


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    L/E FLEXON battens®

    A system for improved launch, lighter weight, prolonged lifespan

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    Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulleys ®

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    Integral built-in neodymium brake magnets

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    3D Cut

    Additional 3D cut on the leading edge for clean construction and improved profile definition

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    Embedded Hook-In Points


    • TAKE OFF

      Responds well to a reverse launch controlled with A’s & B’s


      Floats in ground effect, with a light and easy flair. Use a “Anti-G Chute”” for approaches into tight spots.


      Phenomenal sink-rate combined with precise handling gets you to the top of the stack.


      Class topping speed and glide performance


      a great choice for ambitious comp pilots


      According to Apco’s legendary tradition for durability – the construction of the wing is bullet proof! Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction.

    • Enigma

      Open Class Performance in a perfect package.

      25 27
      Cells 71 71
      Area [m2] 25.8 27.3
      Area (projected) [m2] 22.15 23.4
      Span [m] 14.37 14.78
      Span (projected) [m] 11.59 11.92
      Aspect Ratio 8 8
      Aspect Ratio (projected) 6.07 6.07
      Pilot Weight (all up) free flight [kg] 95-110 110-125
      Canopy Weight [kg] 6.9 7.1
      Root Cord m 2.22 2.28
      Tip Chord [m] 0.46 0.47
      Length of Lines on B [m] 7.93 8.15
      Total Length of Lines [m] 218 225

      We strove to make this glider unique in every aspect.
      Flexon® Batten on the rib and across center of the front opening
      (technique APCO pioneered in early 2000)
      HIT valves® across the span for added pressure and wing stability, even at the highest speed.
      Bullet riser® for dramatic riser drag reduction with ball bearing.
      Ronstan pullies for smooth acceleration.
      Lightweight construction, but without using “disposable” cloth (ENIGMA’s cloth durable for more than a short season)

      Material Diameter [mm] Strength [kg]
      Steering Line Dyneema 1.4 200
      Sail Cloth Hybrid cloth construction 32-42 g/m2 “Zero Porosity” Ripstop Nylon
      Rib Reinforcement FLEXON® batten system
      Warranty 6 Month against manufacturing defects

      IN THE BOX

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Weight 18 lbs

25, 27

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