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G-MD SLT is the new born superlight brother of our well known and respected G-MD. The G-MD SLT shares the same performance of G-MD SLT, but is much lighter (less than 2 kg.) and smaller pack volume. To achieve this goal, we used the latest hi-tech materials and cloth, including the use of PN-9 (20 Denier based high tenacity Nylon – same cloth used on Mayday SLT range).

G-MD SLT – fully certified to EN requirements. The G-MD SLT offers super fast, yet still soft deployment, making sure you land safely, unshocked while safly steering to a landing field chosen by you. The deployment sequence of G-MD SLT is designed to function with or without a cut-off system for the main wing, making it attractive to weekend pilots thanks to the simplicity of use, combined with the advantages of a steerable guiding rescue.


  • Super lightweight – less than 2 Kg. folded into internal deployment bag
  • Glides with L/D of ~1.5 – instead of high sink rate vertical descent
  • Fully steerable – in same fashion as paraglider, allows for choice of landing places
  • Very low sink rate
  • High deployment reliability
  • Ultra fast opening with low deployment shock
  • Good flaring capacity on landing
  • Exclusive to APCO – Competitive pricing
  • Comes complete with brake handles and bridle/riser

Over the years the basic design and construction techniques have remained the same – there is not much to improve on a winning design and best seller as Mayday, even though it is continuously perfected and polished, insuring that it is updated on even the smallest details. All four of the of Mayday parachutes are “Flat Circular Pulled Down Apex” in design. In 1998 the Mayday Bi was released in a Pulled down Apex version, and soon after the Mayday 20 hit the market.

The Mayday boasts superior construction and materials. The canopy cloth is F111 “zero porosity” ripstop nylon. The skirt and apex skirt is reinforced with 1’mil spec nylon tape, neatly wrapped and stiched with a precision four-needle machine. The line attachments have V-Tab reinforcements, sewn in place with a computerized machine, ensuring consistantly high quality and strength.

The Bridle is made from 25mm Nylon Webbing (UV Resistant). The attachment loop is covered with a Teflon sheath, to protect it from dangerous friction which may occur during deployment.

Guided Mayday Guided Mayday SLT
Gores 16 16
Area [m2] 39 36
No. of Lines 25 25
Weight [kg] 2.9 1.95
Packed Volume [cc] 5950 5000
Packed Size [cm]
Length x Width x Height
33.0×24.0x15.5 30.5×22.0x13.5
Load [kg] 60-130 60-130
Sink Rate [m/s] 2.8 m/s (90kg) 3.8 m/s (90kg)
Forward Speed 15 km/h (90kg) 20.5 km/h (90kg)
Glide ~ 1.5 ~ 1.5
CEN Certification EN
According to EN 12491 up to 130kg
According to EN 12491 up to 130kg

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs

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