The power of the Ikuma is now available in a lightweight version. Designed for pilots who want to go off the beaten track, even before taking off. Reduced weight and volume mean you can take this new easy performance wing wherever you want to go.

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Easy Performance Plus

Less weight without reduced usability. A lighter wing is easier to inflate and the inertia in flight is reduced. Stability, comfort and control from the first moment.

 Up to 1.4 kg. less

We have reduced the weight of our standard model by 1.4 kg to widen your possibilities in the air and on the ground. Trails, mountains and valleys – the Ikuma P accompanies you wherever you want to go.

 Only for explorers

It has inherited all the performance characteristics of the successful standard Ikuma. It has excellent glide, climbs and turns brilliantly in thermals. Make the most of the Back Country with the advantage of increased agility.

The Ikuma P is the lightweight version of the standard Ikuma, the EN B+ ‘Easy Performance’ wing – but with up to 1.4 kg less weight. Designed for pilots passionate about cross-country and Back Country, hike & fly or vol-biv adventures, this new lightweight model has reduced weight and volume to make it easier to carry and transport.

If the Ikuma was a wing designed for discovering new areas, going off the beaten track and discovering new and alternative routes (what we at Niviuk call Back Country), with the Ikuma P now you can reach take-offs which are currently difficult or impossible to access.

To reduce the wing’s weight and volume, the Ikuma P has been manufactured using lightweight materials: it is made from 27g Porcher Skytex and Dyneema risers, which are much lighter than conventional materials. The incorporation of Nitinol has also been a key factor in reducing the weight and it allows more compact packing without any risk of damage.

Reducing the weight by almost one and a half kilograms not only makes the paraglider easier to carry, it makes the handling much more responsive and reduces the inertia of the wing, making it more comfortable, safe and user-friendly from the moment of take-off and all through the flight. And all this alongside the successful characteristics of the standard model.

Ikuma P, the Back Country wing with less weight and more possibilities.

3D Leading Edge

Adding an extra seam to the leading edge on the span axis of the glider helps to shape a compact 3D profile and have better connections to the new 3DP front panel’s layout.

3D Pattern Cut Optimization

The latest glider generation requires a new pattern design and an optimized fabric cutting process based on a 3D technology.

Drag Reduction Structure

With the Drag reduction Structure technology, the trailing edge has been reinforced with small ribs that that makes this part of the glider flatter in order to spread the pressure out evenly. It means better air-flow and less drag on this important part of the glider.

Interlock System

The IKS (Interlock System) is an ultra-lightweight, high strength connecting system that aims to complement the light product range and replace the current systems based on the use of the maillons and/or carabiners. This new system is based on a secure connection using a simple Dyneema loop provided with a fixing and locking system, ensuring the complete efficiency and safety of the connection, and allowing the equipment to be ready at all times, either with or without load.

RAM Air Intake

Evolution and constant improving in all our products is the essence of the DNA of Niviuk’s R&D team. Thanks to the new technologies created over recent years, we have conceived new and more evolved and higher performing gliders. In this context the RAM Air Intake technology should be pointed out.

Structured Leading Edge

The SLE provides more rigidity and stability along the span of leading edge but also allows full flexibility along the both the vertical and horizontal axis of each open cell. The SLE ensures ease of movement on the ground and high security in the air during turbulence and whilst flying at speed.

Titanium Technology-

Constantly innovating, we always are on the hunt, looking for the latest and best materials to helps us design optimal products. For this reason, and after an extensive evaluation of its benefits and qualities, we decided to be the firsts manufacturer to use Nitinol in our glider line.

IKUMA P 21 23 25 27
Cells Number 57 57 57 57
Closed 12 12 12 12
Box 21 21 21 21
Flat Area m2 21 23 24.5 26.5
Span m 10.94 11.45 11.82 12.29
Aspect Ratio 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7
Projected Area m2 17.83 19.53 20.75 22.44
Span m 8.72 9.13 9.42 9.8
Aspect Ratio 4.26 4.26 4.26 4.26
Flattening % 15 15 15 15
Chord Maximum m 2.33 2.44 2.52 2.62
Minimum m 0.54 0.56 0.58 0.61
Average m 1.92 2.01 2.07 2.16
Lines Total meters m 220 230 238 247
Height m 6.67 6.98 7.21 7.49
Number 165 165 165 165
Main 2/1+1/3 2/1+1/3 2/1+1/3 2/1+1/3
Risers Number 3 A/B’+B/C A/B’+B/C A/B’+B/C A/B’+B/C
Trimmers NO NO NO NO
Accelerator mm 120 120 120 120
Total weight in flight Minimum kg 55 65 80 95
Maximum kg 75 85 100 115
Glider weight kg 3.3 3.5 3.7 3.9
Certification EN/LTF B+ B+ B+ B+

Additional information

Weight 9.5 lbs

21, 23, 25, 27


Bluebell, Borealis

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