Basic paragliding course introduction of equipment and foundational kiting training with a couple of tandem flights if weather allows and the possibility of a short solo flight if the moons align and you prove yourself.



Basic Instruction of paragliding with a tandem flight and possibly a solo flight if you prove to us your can glide. We will be active outside the majority of the time. Starting early in the AM we work thru ground school and equipment until we take a lunch break and go till sunset, most of the days. We expect we will wear you out as the basic introduction is physical and active training on the ground at our fantastic training hill locations!

What you can expect in this 2-day or weekend course…

  1. Ground School
    1. Equipment Introduction
    2. Ground Handling – aka Kiting the wing
    3. Reserve Parachute Deployment Training
  2. Slope/hill Training @ out training hill
  3. Small Hill Flight from 400ft Training Site- not guaranteed
  4. Tandem Flights – Weather dependent.

We adapt our program to accommodate the weather and the individual. Each experiences is tweaked to suit your needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff are set to help you succeed no matter what it takes from us. We are here to enable you to become a safe paragliding pilot.

Weather is rarely an issue, except when it rains. And this is TN…Green grass launches and LZ’s are because of the rains…so we are happy to reschedule in the event of bad weather for a better time. Likewise we have indoor facilities where we can do a lot if it rains us out during your time with us. Best practice is to reserve dates that work for you and confirm it all the week prior if you plan to come from far away to train with us here in TN.