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MORE, MORE MORE ! More flight hours, more kilometres, more fun… such is the programme of the Taska, our EN C wing designed for cross-country pilots.
HIKE & FLY FOR COMPETITION! The WILD is a high level competition glider for Hike & Fly and Cross-Country flying. It is a demanding wing requiring strong piloting skills from ...
TRIMS foot-rest
TRIMS foot-rest Long foot-rest adaptable to almost all harnesses non pre-equipped with one. The trim buckle is setup with a strap connected vita a loop to the main harness webbing base ...
Trip Deposit
Deposit for Guided Trips
X-One “the Cross Canopy” by X-Dreamf...
X-One. We modified the famous cross rescue canopy for the sport of paragliding. For this acquired know-how we were able to develop a newly revised version, the X-One. We were ...
X-TRALITE BIPLACE Tandem reserve
X-TRALITE BIPLACE The lightest tandem reserve parachute EN. certified on the market. Large surface area, stable, light. The "Rose System" will disable the paraglider automatically after deployment. Total flying/hooking weight ...
X-Two reserve by X-Dreamfly
The X-TWO is a NEW ultimate light weight paragliding and hang gliding rescue system