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The Lightweight Allrounder

The TEQUILA is THE benchmark for low level EN-B gliders. It’s combination of safety, agility and performance are unbeatable in this category. With the ARRIBA3 – the lightweight version of our bestseller – there is no lighter way to get airborne. Light material and thin lines reduce the weight by more than one kilogram! A kilogram that translates into easier launches and an even more compact packing volume! Flying performance profits from reduced drag on the lines and is slightly improved. But we didn’t forget to make sure that the glider construction is robust. High quality materials and perfect workmanship guarantee that this wing will bring you pleasure for a long time. If you like to hike up to launch or travel with lightweight equipment, then the ARRIBA3 is the perfect wing for you!

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The ARRIBA3 is a lightweight allrounder. Thanks to its lower weight, its launching is a dream and its extreme flight behavior more docile. For those who like it a little faster or more dynamic handling, we’ve extended the weight range up by 5kg in each size (LFT/EN B). With its direct and precise handling, you can feel the genes of the TEQUILA4. Just like the TEQUILA4, the ARRIBA3 addresses a wide range of pilots. From the thermal hound to the hike & flyer to the budding XC pilot, the ARRIBA3 is just the right wing. The top features of this glider are its low weight, simplicity and pure desire to fly.


Through the use of unsheathed top lines we were able to improve performance slightly over the TEQUILA4, especially when flying on bar. Its climb performance is fantastic, allowing you to easily master long XC flights.


The ARRIBA3’s use of lighter materials makes its extreme flight behavior quite manageable. Thanks to JET FLAPS, control line travel to the stall point is long and control pressure is light, but increases markedly as you approach the stall. If you want to fly safely, then the ARRIBA3 is the right glider for you. It’s also suitable for low time pilots or for those who fly only sporadically.


Our JET FLAPS extend the green arc as you approach the stall point, which substantially increases safety and also improves climb performance.


C-wires are nylon wires sewn into the glider over the anchor points of the C-level lines. Advantages: better load distribution, reduced drag, more performance.


Doubling the number of cells at the trailing edge increases its shape stability substantially. Advantage: fewer vortices improve the aerodynamics and with it the performance.


The Rigid Foil nylon wires on the leading edge help maintain its shape and ensure constant ram air pressure. Advantages: better takeoff behavior, more performance and lower canopy weight.


A precise calculation of the leading edge geometry and the installation of an additional strip of fabric reduce wrinkling in this sensitive part of the glider. Advantages: exact wing shape, more performance.


The 3-line-level concept reduces the number of lines and the resulting drag. Advantages: more performance and a better overview at launch.

Size XS S M L
Cells 45 45 45 45
Area flat (m²) 22,17 25,54 28,30 30,32
Area projected (m²) 18,85 21,72 24,06 25,78
Wingspan flat (m) 10,74 11,52 12,13 12,56
Wingspan projected (m) 8,5 9,12 9,61 9,94
Aspect ratio flat 5,20 5,20 5,20 5,20
Aspect ratio projected 3,84 3,84 3,84 3,84
Glider weight (kg) 3,9 4,2 4,5 4,9
Certified weight range (kg) 50-80 70-100 85-115 100-135
min. profile depth (cm) 61 65 68 71
max. profile depth (cm) 249 267 281 291

Upper sail Porcher Sport Skytex 38 / Skytex 32 Universal

Lower sail Porcher Sport Skytex 27 Universal

Ribs Porcher Sport Skytex 32 hard

Bands Porcher Sport Skytex 32 hard

Main lines Liros PPSL 160/120

Middle lines Liros PPSL 120, DSL 70

Top lines Liros DSL 70, DC 60

Brake lines Liros DFLP 200/32, DSL 70, DC 60

Risers Cousin Freres 12,5mm Polyester

Your ARRIBA3 package

  • the lightweight intermediate ARRIBA3 comes with:
    • 1x Backpack HIKE 80 l
    • 1x Compressionstrap
    • 1x Innerbag for glider
    • 1x Manual
    • 1x Bandana
    • 1x Repair Kit

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs

L, M, S, XS


Blue, Green

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