Ist Time PARAGLIDING experience.


Tandem paragliding experience for first timers.

Average time in the air = 15mins.

Total time onsite is about 2hrs.

We meet at the launch determined by the weather (wind speed and direction). Some paperwork to get started and then the flight briefing. After coordinating with a pilot, together you will walk and run into the air from the 2000ft launch above Whitwell or Dunlap, TN & gliding in an upright posture sitting within a very comfortable chair you will traverse the sky over a mile to reach the LZ. The view is amazing and the ride is smooth. Landing happens easily in the valley @ 750ft in a pasture and on your feet. A return ride up to launch completes the mission. Sky bliss achieved, everytime!


Photo and video services available and can be added at the time of flight. Just let us know before we go.