From zero to HERO, solo piloting in as long as it takes you to master the necessary skills to be a safe paragliding pilot. At your pace, on your schedule, you take as much time as you need to be a good pilot. 10days to 10 months or more! when ever you can join us for training we will elevate your skills and teach you how to fly the sky. We are NOT here to sell you gear and kick you out of the nest like the rest of the schools out there. We are building a community of Cross Country thermaling pilots who soar the skies because they know how to fly the aircraft and they know the weather. This is the course that makes you the pilot you have always wanted to be. you graduate with a basic license, but your skillz and knowledge are equal to an intermediate rating. Come LEARN how to really fly a paraglider.


Read the full course description https://www.flying.camp/p-1p-2-certification-2/