We designed the MERU for record breaking cross country flights, and top-level competitions. An aspect ratio of 6.9 combined with a sophisticated two-liner construction make the MERU the perfect glider for expert pilots to get the most out of their flying day. The MERU has the handling that UP is known for; direct, sharp and fun to fly. The MERU’s agility and communication mean that the pilot will find the thermal faster, and climb more efficiently. Complex internal structure combined with two-liner pitch control make the MERU very stable at speed, with awesome performance into a headwind.

While flying it you feel that every little piece of lift is converted into height, while the glider searches out more lift. With optimized attachment points, 84 cells, and a super clean leading edge the MERU is a true thermal surfer.

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  • Rear-riser control system, to work the AOA independently left and right, and keep the speed bar at pulley-to-pulley level even through turbulence
  • New Generation “Shark nose” Aerofoil
  • Double 3D panel shaping
  • Leading Edge 3D negative panel shaping for a cleaner and stiffer leading edge
  • UP low-drag line attachment points on the canopy
  • Mini ribs along trailing edge
  • Upper and lower skin rods for collapse resistance
  • Long FSS (Front Section Support system) long rods
  • BTS brake tensioning system
  • Precise design of risers with different accelerator travel of central and external parts of the wing
  • Unsheeted lines of low diameter to reduced line drag
  • Swept back wingtips for better handling and improved climbing

Controlling the MERU with the B-Risers is intuitive, and effective, allowing the pilot to keep the speed-bar engaged with confidence, arriving at the next thermal higher and faster. The speed-bar pressure is light allowing for less fatigue, and longer flying days.

Durable, lightweight materials combined with an intricate design make the MERU our most sophisticated glider. We have been designing and revising our two-liner prototypes for years, patiently working to produce the best possible XC/competition glider, its finally here, the MERU.

Surface area flat (m2) 23,4 25,1  26,5
Surface area projected (m2) 20,0 21,5 22,8
Flat span (m) 12,7 13,2 13,5
Projected span (m) 10,4 10,7 11,0
Flat aspect ratio 6,9 6,9 6,9
Projected aspect ratio 5,3 5,3 5,3
Chambers/cells 84 84 84
Total line length incl. Brake (m) 212 220 227
Total # of lines incl. Brake 226 226 226
Glider weight (kg) 5,2 5,5 5,8
Category LTF/EN D D D
Takeoff weight (kg) 90-105 100-115  110-130



Location Material
Top surface front Porcher Skytex 32 Universal
Top surface thin stripe Porcher Skytex 38 Universal
Top surface broad stripe Porcher Skytex 27 Universal
Top surface rear Porcher Skytex 27 Classic
Bottom surface front Porcher Skytex 27 Classic
Cell walls Porcher Skytex 32 Hard, Skytex 27 Hard
Gallery lines Liros DC 35/60/100 (Dyneema unsheathed) / Edelrid 8000U-070/50 (Aramid unsheathed)
Middle lines Liros DC 60/100/161/200/201 (Dyneema unsheathed) / Edelrid 8000U-090/070/050 (Aramid unsheathed)
Main lines Liros DC161/200/300 (Dyneema unsheathed) / Edelrid 8000U-230/190/130 (Aramid unsheathed)
Brake lines Edelrid 7950-150 / Edelrid 8000U-090/-070 / Edelrid 8000U-090, (Aramid unsheathed), Liros DC 35


In the box: Ergonomic UP Backpack in size L, new UP Parasleeve 2, UP Gift, UP Sticker

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Weight 13 lbs

L, M, SM

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