2 Day Paragliding P1 Course


P1 Course 2 Day paragliding pilot experience at our Whitwell Training or Sequatchie Valley training locations. Basic Equipment introduction, Skills instruction for small training slope, ground handling and bunny hops at our training parks a tandem flight and maybe if your a natural & you have perfect weather there is a possible chance to make your first solo from the top of the training hill…!


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2 days of 6- 8hrs of instruction about PARAGLIDING with a focus on foot launch mountain/XC style of flight. This is a great experience outdoors at our flight training park. Active physically and aerobically as we hike up to slope run or soar down the easy angle of our training hills.

Private locations, personal experience. Safe, relaxed and fun for all.


  • 2 day experience paragliding at our WW or MT Training location.
    • Basic Equipment introduction,
    • Skills instruction for Kiting / ground handling
    • bunny hops or small flights low to the ground at our training park.
  • +1 instructional tandem (condition dependent)

Call for more details and to make reservations.