The friend of the two-seater

Never have the right size harness for your passenger?
Are your students struggling in a too large or too small harness?
The K-Flex is THE solution!
Suitable for all types of body shapes, from 1.50m to 2m.
Multiple use: two-seater passenger, school slope, first major flights, …

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Fully adjustable harness:

– Seat width

– Height of anchor points

– Back length

– Back tilt

– Side handles for take-off aid.

– Removable cleaning cover.

– Ventral anti-forgetting.

– Back pocket (carrying bag / miscellaneous items).

– Protection by preformed airbag equipped with 2 scoop.

The K-Flex is equipped with a particularly effective subcutaneous airbag in the event of an impact, thanks in particular to its unique valve system which deploys during the most significant impacts.
The deployment of this valve outside the airbag optimizes the absorption of shock due to impact.
If this valve comes out, simply reposition it inside the airbag as explained in the diagram below, possibly using the zipped opening, which must be carefully closed before any new use of the harness.


Ventral with anti-forgetting system

Once the belly is closed, it is impossible to fall from the harness

Camera pole pocket

Adjustable anchor point height

Krashbox valve

Exclusive system to improve the performance of the small volume Krashbox specific to the K-Flex

Assistance handle

Handle for strong wind take-off assistance or for passenger seated passage

Adjustable tray width

Automatic links

40mm automatic links supplied as standard


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs