The Sak II is a reversible and removable airbag designed for the Kruyer I I and the Karver II .
The Kruyer II / Karver II-SaK package allows total flexibility. If in addition you add a ventral rescue, all types of theft become possible.


It is fixed in 2 minutes by six points on these harnesses: two legs under the thighs, one in the lumbar hollow and two at the back and one at the top of the back.
The addition of SaK II improves the comfort and precision of the harnesses. The lateral triangle adds an adjustable lumbar support and a more direct action on the sail when driving the harness.


Protective cover

Adapted to the size of the bag

Mesh pocket

Located in the upper part for holding the helmet

Stick holder

Two-seater passenger option

Allows to neutralize the upper room for two-seater passenger use

Ice ax holder

Additional lumbar support

Increases the comfort and precision of the harnesses on which it is mounted


Volume: 60L

Weight: 985g

CE, LTF approved

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs