The  Karver II adorned with the dedicated two-seater module becomes the perfect two-seater pilot harness: light, comfortable, practical. Its shoulderless design allows for ease of movement on the ground that no other harness can match.

The shoulderless design also relieves the back of the pilot if the passenger ever refuses the ground and puts on the buttocks, transferring the load on the hips rather than on the pilot’s shoulders.

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Nesting loops

System of buckles to nest, for more security. A simple, reliable system, insensitive to frost, dust, etc.

10cm foam bag

10cm MB as standard with possibility of adding a 7cm foam bag

Two-seater bag pocket

In the same pocket as the 10cm foam bag, it is possible to insert the two-seater bag.

Modular harness

Ultra-simple fixing system for adding modules, such as the reversible airbag or the two-seater module.

Top storage pocket

Automatic links

40mm automatic links supplied as standard

Simple settings

Adjusting the back support, adjusting the leg spacing, and basta!

Tandem light rescue

Adapted to the volume of modern two-seater light emergency vehicles (Krisis Tandem / Karré 220)



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Weight 8 lbs

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