Tandem +1 Day Paragliding Experience

$400.00 $350.00

1 Tandem flight  AND 1 day of training.



1 Tandem flight  AND 1 day of training.

Start the day with training on how to launch and control the glider under the watch and care of a professional instructor in one of our grass fields perfect for safe practice of control and balance skills needed to safely launch the paraglider.

After learning the how to’s of paragliding on the ground and confirming safe air conditions for flight, go for a big flight up in the sky on tandem with your instructor at the controls to help you understand how this aircraft works in the sky.

This 1 day training experience is designed to give you a complete picture of what it takes to be a pilot. We start at sunrise and end after sunset on a typical day, beginning with weather tutorial at our cafe/office before shifting to the training area for the Morning. By midday we are in position on the mountain top and ready to capture the up energy to climb high in the sky and work towards touching the clouds. This course is physically demanding during the AM session and relaxed for the afternoon tandem flight.