Solo Pilot Certification Program


From zero to HERO! @ your pace & on your schedule.

We are NOT here to sell you gear and kick you out of the nest like the rest.

We are building a community of Cross Country pilots who soar and thermal the skies because they know how to fly the aircraft and they know the weather. This is the course that makes you the pilot you have always wanted to be. Graduate with a basic license, but w/ skillz & knowledge equal to an intermediate rating.

Come LEARN how to fly a paraglider w/ us TODAY.


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Get certified to launch, fly and land a paraglider safely.

The Basic Course will license you as a beginner pilot and certify you to fly on your own!  (ASC Basic Pilot / USHPA P2 / )

This course focuses on safety, providing basic launch, flying and landing skills. We designed this course to teach you tactical situational awareness and aircraft control to keep you safe while you begin your flying career.


  • Online resource library Google Drive
  • Use of our equipment during training
  • 5x Instructional Tandem Flights – in flight instruction for pitch, roll & yaw control plus flight tactics for landing zone approach.
  • 35x solo flights – instructional radio controlled
  • @10hr+ or airtime
  • Advanced Kiting & Launching tactics & skills
  • JUSTFLY-SVS Flight Park Pass
  • Shuttle rides

Students progress thru lower elevation training locations located in the Sequatchie Valley of TN before moving up to the mountain launches @Whitwell & Henson Gap.

Pilots graduate with several radio controlled, mountain, foot launched, solo flights including several flights that connect you with soaring and thermaling conditions; enabling our students to be well on their way to chasing clouds and XC dreams.

Basic Pilot License: $2650 

  • gear discounts for alumni
  • Course discounted ($650) with NEW equipment order at initiation of course.

unlimited lessons for 1yr from date of purchase


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to read, speak, and understand English &/or Spanish.
  • Physical fit and capable of preforming athletic movements
  • Pass a knowledge test as well as the practical test
  • A Willingness to commit aviation