Tandem Paragliding Flights

Go Flying up high in the sky with one of our tandem instructors. The whole experience is easy and relaxing. Step into the sky and sit back to enjoy the gentle rhythms of flying a paraglider. It’s so easy we might even let you drive.

Located in SE Tennessee we operate from two locations with respect to the winds & weather.

Tandem Flying Experience 

Anyone of any age can go flying with us! Its EASY!

 Call 423-800-2228  to schedule your flying experience today!

Now offering photo and video services! $50



Cross Country Experience – call for appointment

Take a long flight with the chance of landing far away from your point of origin or perhaps an out and return flight that will last an hour or more.

This is the daddy of all tandems and not for the timid or weak of heart, but worth every minute for the views and free sensation of flying in an open cockpit aircraft. Beautiful scenery with an incredible perspective.

Availability subject to seasonal weather conditions dependent.

Photos & Videos services offered!


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