Team Flying Camp

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Made up of dedicated pilots whose passion for flight has carried them across the globe searching for pure aviation experiences. These devoted pilots are here to share their skills, experiences and insights into how to be a great paragliders pilot.

We strive to bring you the kind of paragliding experiences and education that will lead you into the greatest aviation lifestyle by imparting our knowledge and skills that we have gained thru first hand experiences from the world’s best flying sites on our planet.

We are a small family run business because we believe it brings a better experience to you.



USA  – USHPA #75076

    • USHPA Paragliding Tandem & Instructor Administrator
    • 20+ yrs flying experience
    • 10+ yrs flying tandems and teaching flying around the world
  • Focused in XC flying style of race and adventure vol bivy experiences. Superior logistical capabilities.

Tandem Pilot & Basic Instructor

Elena Dmitrievskaya

Russian – USHPA #92835

  • Competition, Cross Country and Vol Bivy focused pilot. A seasoned professional tandem pilot
  • USHPA Instructor

Instructor & Tandem Paraglider Pilot

Alejandro Albornoz

VEN – USHPA #99094

  • Paragliding Professional Race Pilot
  • Instructor and Tandem Paragliding Pilot.