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Sequatchie Valley, TN 

Call Flying.Camp @ 423-800-2228 – Surface winds – Dunlap, TN., USA – set to location: Whitwell, TN – NOAA SKEW-T (Henson Gap LZ 35.35, -85.33) – Soaring and Thermaling forecasting tools =$30/yr.


TFR – Temporary Flight Restrictions

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1 week ago

#PHI Maestro is in! Here are two lucky dudes launching theirs!

1 week ago
Ozone Rush5 - Alfred

Launching Whitwell, TN on a Rush5 Ozone glider

1 week ago
JUSTFLYSVS Whitwell TN - Going UP!

Going up is fun! Launching!

1 week ago
PHI Maestro in da House!

Grayson Brown takes the PHI Maestro uptown.

2 weeks ago

Our Costa Rican FLying adventure always includes multiple flying days with my son. #NoReasonToFly!

Was a nice day to fly with BaBa. We had fun. Reasons to live and enjoy living. Txs for sharing with me BaBA!

2 weeks ago
Photos from Flying.Camp's post

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3 weeks ago
Photos from Flying.Camp's post

Can you feel it?! Spring is upon us! Now is the time to begin training to become a solo paraglider pilot. Our P2 course will teach you everything you need to know to fly the skies safely and with ... See more

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