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Basic, Intermediate and Advanced instructional courses in paragliding are available with flexible schedules and customized experience to fit your needs.


Enjoy the views from above as you soar up high in the sky! With an educational paragliding flight piloted by a certified instructor.


Meet the people who make it all happen. These devoted pilots are here to share their skills, experiences and insights into how to be a great paragliding pilot.

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pour over coffee from beans roasted on site. 

Located in the Sequatchie Valley of Tennessee & about 35mins from Chattanooga to the west. We fly from JUSTFLY-SVS Private Flight Parks at Whitwell and Henson Gap. From these two locations we can accommodate all winds directions for our foot launch mountain style of flight. 

We are highly experienced, passionate pilots chasing the dream of free flight all across the globe. Combined we hold over 40+ years of flying experience. It is here in Tennessee that we wish to share this knowledge with you, right now. Come learn how to fly!

Come join us and explore our skies!

 – David Hanning, Owner

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