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PRODUCT TYPE: services

VENDOR: Flying Camp Paragliding

This is a great 1st Flight Experience! SMS or Call 423-355-1477 schedule your flying experience today!ADD **Photos and Videos** for $50.00 more!Unforgettable experience and a once in a life time view!

Tandem Flight
Tandem Flight +Photos & Videos

PRODUCT TYPE: instruction

VENDOR: Flying Camp Paragliding

Get certified to launch, FLY and land a PARAGLIDER safely! This basic skills Course will certify you as a solo pilot and enable you to fly on your own!  AND MORE!!! This course focuses on safety; providing basic launch, flying and landing skills. Calibrated to satisfy all requirements for...


PRODUCT TYPE: photo & video

VENDOR: Flying Camp Paragliding

Tandem photos and video package.Pilot uses a GOPRO on a stick and Passenger will receive the digital media card from the camera at the end of the flight. 


PRODUCT TYPE: Paragliding

VENDOR: Flying Camp Paragliding

Paragliding Flight for Disabled clients in Tandem utilizing a chair with 3 wheels. We are fortunate to be capable of offering the experience of flight to those who are less able then others due to injury and/or experienced partial or full...



VENDOR: Advance

The AXESS is the classic ADVANCE beginner harness, and this fifth generation is simpler, more compact and safer than ever before. The packed harness volume, proven features and a natural adjustment system qualify this seatboard harness as an allrounder, where...

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