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Oudie N – the game changer

Every pilot knows how important it is to have the right flight plan and up-to-date weather information. Oudie N brings live data and seamless integration with SeeYou to your cockpit, so you can focus on what’s important to keep you flying for longer and further.

Features and Benefits

  • Crystal clear, sunlight readable display.
  • Exceptional battery life even at full brightness.
  • Easy to use SeeYou Navigator software.
  • Backup vario.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth and 4G/LTE connectivity.
  • Optimize cross-country and competition tasks to perfection.
  • Scan QR codes instead of entering data manually.
  • No internet connection? No problem with Offline maps.
  • Charge your phone after landing from Oudie N.
  • Free 1-year usage of SeeYou for seamless integration

One software, three platforms

Android & iOS Phone

Are you on a budget or do you just want to try the Navigator software before committing to Oudie N?

Install SeeYou Navigator on your iPhone or Android smartphone. It is the same software that powers the Oudie N.

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Oudie N Gliding

If you fly for leisure without the stress of trying to achieve the best results in competition or flying records, Oudie N is for you.

It is a reliable portable navigation device with a bright screen, a large battery, and highly accurate sensors.

Oudie N IGC

Want to win competitions, achieve badges, set personal, national and world records?

You can do that with the same reliable platform that adds electronics with the highest possible IGC Approval for gliders and powered sailplanes.

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Android & iOS Phone

✅ Navigate
✅ Avoid airspace
✅ Record a flight
✅ Live weather
✅ Upload to OLC
 Lots more >

Oudie N Gliding

Everything from Phone plus
✅ Backup vario
✅ Huge battery
✅ Sunlight readable LCD
✅ High-precision sensors
✅ One year use of SeeYou included


Oudie N IGC

Everything from Oudie N Gliding plus
✅ IGC Approval for World records
✅ Approval for Category 1 competitions
✅ Engine noise recording for self-launching sailplanes
✅ ENL for sustainer engines
✅ ENL for electric engines

Software development for Oudie N is continuous

Oudie N is powerful new hardware running new user-friendly SeeYou Navigator software. It will be regularly upgraded to include new software features. These upgrades will be free throughout the life of your Oudie N and can be easily installed over Wifi. Please check the Oudie comparison table for all the features currently available and a list of features that will become available for the Oudie N in the future.


Oudie N Specification

Screen5.5-inch screen size
1920×1080 Full HD resolution
1000 nits brightness
Portrait and Landscape orientation
Multi-touch (pinch&zoom)
Size150 x 86 x 24 mm (5.9 x 3.3 x 0.95 inch)
Weight430 g
Battery16000 mAh
15+ hours autonomy at full brightness
20+ hours on a typical day with auto-brightness
64+ hours of continuous flight recording with screen powered off
6 hours charge time from empty to full
SensorsHigh-precision pressure sensor (<10 cm)
High-accuracy GPS, Galileo & GLONASS GPS receiver
Gyro-assisted instant Vario
ConnectivityUSB Type-C
Wifi, Bluetooth LE, 4G/LTE
Wifi and Bluetooth Internet tethering
Fanet+ (optional)
Memory4 GB RAM
64 GB Flash
Operating systemAndroid 9
Navigation appSeeYou Navigator
SeeYou Navigator upgrades included for the lifetime of the device
MapsWorldwide, high resolution
Street-level detail
Terrain color scheme (SeeYou default)
Outdoor scheme
Light scheme
Satellite maps (requires internet connection)
Download maps for offline use in advance to reduce download
TaskXC tasks
Racing tasks
Assigned areas
Elapsed time
Free flight
Choose a task from Soaring Spot
Scan a task QR Code
ConnectivityExternal devices by Bluetooth Low Energy
Flarm Bluetooth dongle
LXNAV Bluetooth dongle
Condor Bluetooth dongle
FeaturesRecord flight track (IGC file)
Airspace warning
Thermal assistant
Final glide assistant
Cross-country optimization
Airport database
Airspace database
Load custom airspace file
Fully configurable map screen
Automatic airspace updates
Pinch & zoom
Online featuresRain Radar layer
Open Glider Network layer (OGN)
KK7 skyways and thermals
TopMeteo forecast layers
SkySight forecast layers
TopMeteo live Satellite picture
SkySight live Satellite picture
Upload to Online contests
Seamless integration with SeeYou Cloud
Seamless integration with Soaring Spot
Automatic airspace updates
Automatic database updates
Oudie N

Oudie N